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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Columbia Pike Trolley?

Yes, Arlington there is a Santa Clause ... maybe.

As reported by the Sun Gazette ...

The Northern Virginia Transportation Authority has included a request for $50 million to construct the streetcar as part of a larger wish list that will be forwarded to the incoming Obama administration. The new administration is considering a national public-works stimulus package that is closing in on $1 trillion in scope.

Ignoring the politics for a second, personally I think a trolley on Columbia Pike would be a fantastic addition to an up and coming neighborhood. What do you think?


Anonymous Carla said...

I can't wait! I live on Columbia Pike and will be a great addition -- assuming they widen the road before putting the trolley in place. Traffic now at a standstill during rush hour and four new residential buildings going up, opening during the next year (making it even worse), I hope these things are considered.

Hopefully a bike lane goes in with that as well, since at the moment, riding my bike on Columbia Pike to get to/from the trails scares the hell out of me. It is my least favorite part of my 10.5 mile commute to work... So much so that I had to give it up now when it's dark on my way home, as cars were getting too close for comfort despite all my flashing lights and strong headlight.

3:56 PM

Blogger Chris said...

It's fantastic - Trolleys have better acceleration than buses, carry more people and are cheaper to operate over the long term.

The permanence of the line will encourage transit-oriented development, bringing a walkable, urban feel to an area long-dominated by the car.

4:37 PM

Blogger Elsie said...

Carla- I'm a 'Piker as well, ditto on the standstill. I'm all for the trolly. I think there is some historical link between the Penrose historical neighborhood (part of the Pike), and trolley cars.

9:55 PM

Blogger Daniel said...

Sounds like a good thing...
Though I am glad that I live far away from the Pike if this thing actually gets installed... the period where they are installing it will be a nightmare.

5:18 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trolley? You all have got to be kidding. Get on the bus and shut your whining pie holes.

3:44 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Columbia Pike has been neglected in areas in the past by Arlington County Planners so we need to embrace the trolley system as a step to bring new life to parts of Columbia Pike. Too moften the money is given to northern Arlington that doesn't need improvements like Columbia Pike -- the main street corridor for the county.

6:48 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is a huge mega waste of tax payer funds, and I am a Democrat-Liberal.

This is a typical gift for the developers of real estate and nothing more, at the cost of the people living already there or planing to buy a house makes it more expensive.

The current green buses are more than adequate to meet demand, and for the same money, you could buy every rider a new luxury BMW!


I hope it does not get a dime.

7:18 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

A trolley on Columbia Pike is a waste of taxpayers money. Let's face it, there is no room. It doesn't matter if it is historical. Why did they remove the original one in the first place?

7:14 PM


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