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Friday, December 19, 2008

Arlington Will Be Just Fine?

In Tuesday's Arlington Connection, the article "Recession? What Recession?" highlighted one GMU professor's opinion that the economic crisis might not cause Arlington to go into a recession. John McClain, a GMU professor living in Arlington, said "Areas that are close to the Metro and have access to jobs will be fine". (Read the article for all of his facts and reasoning..)

What about you? How is the economic situation affecting your job, lifestyle, house, etc?

Being an Arlington County employee I am facing a loss of some benefits, no increase in pay of any kind, an expectation that we can do more with less in every aspect of our work, and an uncertain outlook for 2010. But I am confident that I will keep my job. So I am very grateful. Anxious ... but grateful.

And as a public servant I feel a responsibility to do more with less. We have less public money to spend and much greater need for services. This is a time when we will come together and truly earn our good will.

As I gather with my family for the holidays the number one question is going to be "how is the economic crisis affecting you?" Everyone has a story. Everyone is being affected.
How are you?

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Blogger The Green Miles said...

I agree with the professor that Arlington is a model of how environmentally sustainable development can lead to economic sustainability. But I also agree with our Newcomer that he's presenting the view from on high - easy to say we're not in a recession when it's not your car wash seeing fewer customers or your restaurant seeing fewer diners leaving smaller tips.

8:45 PM

Blogger Daniel said...

I would agree that Arlington is more recession/depression resistant than most, given that the Federal Government will, if anything, increase spending to pull us through it.
Personally? 3 of my brothers work in the financial sector. They have seen a chunk of money disappear in stock and options, as well as bonus's disappear into the ether. But they still have jobs and will have them in the future. The rest of my family works for various levels of government, so no concerns.

We are lucky...

5:30 PM


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