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Friday, September 05, 2008

Gelato has come to Clarendon!

My day was just totally made by the discovery of a new Gelato and Coffee shop called "Boccato". Haven't heard of it? That's because it's only been around 3 months and its crowded on Wilson Blvd across from Whole Foods and between the Latino Mercado and the Halal Deli.

As a chocolate addict I have been searching for great places to get my chocolate fix near work.

The Chocolate Gelato at Boccato's is my new favorite vice. At $3 a scoop I will need to keep things in moderation, but the price is justified by the quality of the product as well as fabulous service.

If coffee's more your thing you'll want to check out the "caffeinato" side of Boccato. Rob, one of the owners, made me a taste of the Decaf coffee. He grinds the beans right there and brews it right in front of you for a truely fresh cup (at $2.50). I do not drink black coffee ... until now.

By now I'm sure you're going to try this place yourself so a couple of things to know:
*You need cash. They do not take plastic.
*Be careful on the way in, there's a large step down.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are also a lot of exotic, tropical flavors that will knock your socks off! The Pineapple/Basil sorbet is extraordinary. Ask the servers for their recommendations about which flavors pair well with others. Their pride in their gelato and sorbet shows!

1:50 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That place is great! Mojito might be my favorite.

4:23 PM


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