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Thursday, May 29, 2008

What's Your Fitness Road Block?

With the whole FitArlington initiative going on, I thought this was a relevant discussion:

What's Your Road Block to being healthier and more fit? Forbes magazine just published the "Top 10 Reasons You're a Coach Potato". Do any of these fit us? For me, it's the time issue. What about you? What's your road block and how do we overcome it?

  1. You're Intimidated

  2. You're All Out Of Self-Control

  3. You're In Pain

  4. Nobody Else Is Doing It

  5. It Costs Too Much

  6. It's Not As Easy As It Was In High School

  7. You Don't Like Exercise

  8. You Just Don't Have The Time

  9. It's The Environment, Stupid

  10. It Isn't Safe

Share your frustrations and how you've overcome them in the comments below.



Blogger Michael said...

For me, it's time. At work, I prefer using my lunch hour eating lunch (out, another vice). At home, I have a young son.

Since we got a bike seat, I've gotten out for a ride a couple times a week with him. That's been my exercise for now.

10:09 AM


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