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Monday, May 12, 2008

Soggy Spring

Anyone else as sick of this rain as I am? We're supposed to get a brief break Tuesday and Wednesday before the rain returns Thursday. And how about the cold? Our high today is forecast to be 48 degrees. Our average low for May 12 is 49.

Got a mysterious email from titled "Food Warning in Effect." During the few seconds it took for the email to open, I thought, "Why is the food only a threat short term? Will the food be OK after the warning is lifted?"

Oh, typos. You never fail to amuse me.

If you haven't signed up for Arlington Alert yet, it's definitely worth it. Once I was in Boston and was alerted to the fact that my flight home would be delayed by snow in DC by an Arlington Alert text message. Didn't clear the runways any faster, but at least let me know I didn't need to break my neck getting to the airport.

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Anonymous RC at bArlington said...

My dogs have had it. My Coon Hound has declared that he is sick of the slog and will not go out in the rain any more. After all? Why bother about the cold and the wet to go to the bathroom, when my hound can simply take a dump in our nice warm dry basement while we are away at work!

1:40 AM


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