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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Arlington Wants to Know: How Would You Change Neighborhood Day?

Would I go to Arlington's Neighborhood Day parade if I didn't get to be in it?

Honestly? No.

I've marched in the Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment contingent at the parade three different years now, each time as National Wildlife Federation's mascot, Ranger Rick. That's me to the right with Arlington County Board Chair Paul Ferguson. (Did you hear that Ranger Rick recently got kicked off Facebook? Lame.)

But if I didn't have the incentive of getting to be a giant raccoon for the day, there's not much else that would draw me to the event. While there are other Neighborhood Day community events elsewhere in Arlington, along the route from Clarendon to Courthouse, the parade is pretty much it.

There are no food stands like at Taste of Arlington. There's no stage with bands like at Clarendon Day. There are no booths with information about community groups like at the County Fair.

So Arlington County wants to know how you would improve Neighborhood Day. Should it continue as-is? Should the event have additional attractions? Should it be combined with another event?

Take the survey here!

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