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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Arlington Versus the World

The following is best read in your very best Michael Buffer voice ...

In this corner, weighing in at a population or approximately 200,000, the heavyweight, the obvious favorite, unfairly excluded from the fight, you're very own ... ARRRRlington.

And in this corner, the lightweight, the underdog, small communities getting some stupid advantage for being technically small -- The Money Magazine Top 10 Communities to Live In.

So, Money Magazine ranked the 100 best communities to live in. But for some unknown reason they only evaluated communities with populations between 7,500 and 50,000 people. What's that about? Does being small make you a better place to live? I think not!

But never fear, those sleuths at the Sun Gazette compared Arlington to the top 10 to demonstrate Arlington's superiority. I'll highlight some of those below. To see the whole list, read the article.

Arlington residents have 73 movie theaters within a 15-mile radius,
compared to an average 30 among the top 10 communities. Arlington also has
substantially more restaurants (7,116 to 2,899), bars (366 to 287), libraries
(210 to 71) and museums (28 to 11) compared to the top 10 cities.

Arlington ranks as 38 percent more diverse than the nation as a whole,
while the top 10 communities rank as 40 percent less diverse than the national

Arlington residents have 32 colleges and universities within 30 miles to
choose from, compared to 29 for the average community on the top 10 list. But
the county only has 10 junior colleges and technical institutes within the same
radius, compared to 18, on average, for communities on the list.,


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