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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Arlington Events In Local Blogs

It's always nice to see Arlington events picked up by other blogs. Here are some recent highlights:

  • The DC Traveler wrote about the upcoming Crystal Rocks concert with the Gin Blossons

This is the kind of work that inspires the corners of your mouth to turn up,
just a little, if it doesn’t inspire your brow to furrow. Unfortunately, much of
the work in the Spring Solos inside doesn’t fair much better. Of the eight
artists inside, there are just a handful attractive highlights

But on the other hand,

But, it is a beautiful mess of white, gold, and purple clays, extracted from various locales in and around the greater Washington area, which will continue to evolve until its de-installation late September. Should the rains continue to be hard in what remains of the spring, it might be worth it to visit Dis/Integration periodically. Take a football from Cory Wagner while you are at it. Give more than your two cents.

The Washington Post, however, disagreed.

Of the six artists featured in "Spring Solos 2007," the Arlington Arts Center's annual juried exhibition of one-gallery shows, two are favorites of mine. Yet beyond the biomorphic beadwork of Gail Gorlitzz and a video installation by Katherine Kavanaugh (frankly, outshone by her oversize screen prints of lips on thick felt panels), I was most pleasantly surprised by the work of Ephraim Russell.

It’s refreshing to watch a take on Animal Farm that is less about
heavy-handed political posturing and much more about artistic expression. That’s
what we have in Synetic
latest, a production that incorporates multi-media accents,
impressive choreography and most of all amusing and effective anthropomorphic
performances from their team of farm residents.

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