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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Review: CRM November Monthly Meetup at Dr. Dremo's

Not sure if it was the lure of the Election Night theme or nostalgia for the soon-to-be-moving Dr. Dremo's, but November's Community Role Models Monthly Meetup was the best-attended yet by far! Nearly 30 people packed Dremo's front lounge.

The crowd was about evenly split between people who'd been to CRM events before and people who hadn't. That's probably the ideal mix. On the one hand, you don't want the new people to feel like the only ones in the room who don't know anyone. But then again, you don't want a room full of people who can't find anyone who actually knows what CRM is.

We try to keep the formal blabbing short at Monthly Meetups, so we just talked about some upcoming volunteer activities like Holiday Elves at Ballston Mall on December 1st and Project Christmas Angel on Lorcom Lane coming up on December 11th. The biggest question we got was how to get one of the cool new CRM tshirts (answer: come to a volunteer event).

Our previous record high for attendance was 20 people at October's Monthly Meetup at Sine in Pentagon City. This event shattered the record with 28 people. But I'm pretty confident the Dremo's event won't hold the title belt for long. Fellow blogger What's Up Eric has lined up an awesome December Monthly Meetup featuring Fit Arlington at Bailey's in Ballston. You can learn more RSVP at the CRM website or at the Facebook event page (or if you just can't respondez vous enough, you can do both).

I'm sure Eric will have more details of the event as it gets closer, so bookmark this page and check back later. Speaking of Eric, that's him in the gray shirt. What did you think of the November Monthly Meetup?

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Blogger Eric said...

Did I just get called out? BTW - that's a brown shirt I'm wearing, but I suppose it doesn't show well in the picture. Don't I have a lovely back?

I second what Miles said, mostly about the December meet up being so cool. OK, November was pretty fun too. It was great to see so many people out and to meet lots of cool new people.

BTW - I'm becoming a bit of a Facebook dork. You should definitely sign up for the CRM Facebook group.

See you December 4.

8:13 PM

Blogger Miles said...

Probably a combination of my lousy color vision and the lousy quality of my cell phone camera. And yes, you're bringing sexy backs back.

8:24 PM


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