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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Arlington County Police: It's the Little Things

I have a first-Sunday-of-the-month routine. Walk to the bank to deposit my roommate's half of the rent, walk to the grocery store to pick up some organic produce (OK, and maybe some Moose Tracks too) in my reusable grocery bag, walk home. We'll see how well the routine holds up when the weather gets colder, but on a nice fall day, it works out pretty well.

I was crossing Fairfax Drive on my way to the bank when I noticed an SUV pulled over with a police car behind it. Looked like a broken down car, didn't think much of it. Then when I was walking back, I saw the Arlington County police officer kneeling beside the car helping the driver change her flat tire. (Sorry I don't have a better picture, but my cell phone camera isn't the best.)

How cool is that? I once had a flat as a result of a minor accident in Morristown, NJ and the police officers who responded couldn't have cared less. Police officers tend to get attention only when things go wrong, so it was nice to see one going out of his way to do something right.

Quick reminder: Don't forget to vote on Tuesday! You can also check out the CRM Election Night Non-Partisan Party.



Blogger Steve Thurston said...

I agree. With one or two choice exceptions, I'd say ACPD is an excellent group.
MmmmmmmmmMoose Tracks.

2:08 PM

Blogger Googla Monster said...

I'm always happy to see Arlington's finest in Shirlington! There is one officer in particular to whom I am indebted for his actions on a Crystal City bust.

12:17 AM


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